Buyers Have Access to More Data Than Ever Before

...Too Much of a Good Thing?

Consumer websites are great however data can often be outdated and in many cases inaccurate.

 Algorithmic based conclusions - 'Zestimates' - are not a substitute for local knowledge and expertise. 

Dodge costly missteps.  At RnEI we're property acquisition specialists.    Our exacting due diligence process filters imperfect data and safeguards the buyer's decision making process. 

Time Is Short

Whether you're a millennial or a baby boomer - today's lifestyle's are undeniably fast-paced and transient. Consumers either have the time, money or resources to assist them in the home buying process. Rarely do they have all three.  

50+ Years Local Residency • 20+ Years Certified Appraiser • 10+ Years Licensed Broker

Vast Empirical Knowledge Generating an Invaluable Skill Set

Contact Tom and Luke to discover how buyers are leveraging an extensive track record of market participation.  RnEI boasts sound investigative techniques, a strong command of negotiation and presentation tools, and the steadfast execution requisite to a seat at the closing table.