The Real Estate Marketplace Has Changed…

In 1789 Benjamin Franklin famously quoted and served warning to any promise of permanence,  “In this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.”  Could the Patron Saint of Advertising have ever imagined the monumentous change ushered in by today’s technology and the internet?

The Playing Field Leveled…

Technology - Real Estate Websites (i.e. Zillow) generate equal exposure for all brokerages.    

Today's Buyers - 90% or more begin their search on the internet (National Association of Realtors)

Savings- Increasingly cost effective advertising should mean more money in the seller’s pockets. 

RnEI’s Facilitating Change…

Private Listing – Maximum Savings.  No Seller Commission.  All Cash Transactions.  

Open Listing – No Greater Flexibility Offered in the Market.  Retain the Right to Sell Independently.    

Full Service Listing – Comprehensive Market Exposure.  Commission Smart Strategy.  

Big Firm Resources and Market Exposure • Marketing Alternatives Meeting Customer Needs

RnEI’s a By-Product of Change…Adhering to the Basics of a Service Driven Industry

The Winner is our Customer…

No compromise solutions demanding RnEI’s performance and insuring increased seller margins.